Monday, 16 March 2015


Spreading our lives
Around like a deck
Of 52 card draws

Ideas wild
Like a forest fire
Dangerous as the
Tips of razor blades yet
Fragile as a virgins first kiss

Minds as fair
As the judicial system
We are a new generation
A generation of longevity creation elation

Controlled by no hand
Ordered out by no one
Fighting for every penny
Every nickel and dime
Fighting for a last call
That will never come

If the bomb were to drop
We would be there to catch it

Our ideas like wild fires

Engulfing every youth with
Their smile of innocence
(though not everyone smiles truthfully)

Members break off like
The leaves that fall from our trees
Moving on
Following their own song

All the angel headed hipsters
Dancing in the wakes of ocean dreams
Move through the streams of memory
Their souls busting out the seams

We drift through time
Picking at the problems of this
Special unique day

What a way to spend
All the time we were given
For free

Work for nothing
But we don't mind at all
When the party is up
We return the call

Holding each other
Till dawn decides to break
A take we search for
A present we were born to
Strive for

Now wake with a wink
And a smile
To a sun that will
Always have your number

Shout out
That life is here
For me but
Not only me!

Let the pool table balls fall
And try not to stall
When the lady in the corner
Asks for your hand in the hall

Love is worth chasing
And fighting for

Oh' Youth...

How little we know

How hard we search

How little we realize

How short all this is.

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