Monday, 16 March 2015

Only if a Cat could write !

Ever wondered, what it would be like to read autobiography of a cat ?

Hi, I am Gabru ! Yes, that sounds such a rowdy name but my lady master is surely the one who could so much relate to this name. From bossing around the house to dumping her boyfriends for not being able to differentiate between magenta and purple, she totally in all aspects justifies this act of naming me something sounding as rowdy as "Gabru" !

My life has seen a lot of ups and downs at this tender age of 4. Brimming with pride when flaunting my furry while tail, I make sure I don't let the bad phases of my life reflect on the seamless beauty I have inherited from Momma. She was a tortoiseshell, a blend of tabby, ginger, black, white, each different to its texture. The supposed theory among those dumb humans is that all tortoiseshell are females but having conversed with few of those cats myself, I do realize the Cat eunichs also exist in tortoiseshells but humans think they are too smart to decipher the genders with our "purrrs" !

Reminiscing the early days of my life, it indeed was joyful ! We were 5 of us, Momma and my 4 elder siblings. Daddy dear seemed to have been absconding since forever, so not much of a clue on what breed he belonged to. Well, it never either mattered, with those sparkling eyes and shining fur, I had all the prowress to seduce anybody, so the breed of Daddy was a redundant information.

I was born with a silver spoon, in the backyard of a huge bungalow which seemed to have forbidden a whole big garage for reasons unknown. Sleeping in the backseat of the Limousine abandoned in the garage, I would always dream of growing to a slim sexy cat who would be pampered and carried all the day long, travelling to places on hot wheels and being flaunted to the world. As I grew and got a little hold of my senses, I just ran away from the garage to get myself noticed to the girl living across the street. She seemed to be having the perfect class and sophistication that would match my standards and upbringing. She was my mission, I had to woo her to adopt me at any cost for the better good and I finally managed to do so and today here I am !

Phew ! She is not that eventful as I though she would be. Her taste of music doesn't suit mine at all and her taste in guys is even worse but thankfully she owns the attitude to change them with time. That gives me a lot of satisfaction since I really need variety of those hands playing with my soft skin. Though I miss my limousine, its like a trade off. I have to bear with her weird antics at times but usually they do not interfere in my space with random leftover feeding and itching all over.

Ofcourse spending another couple of years is fine here but then the girl plans to get married and with her to-be husband around, I don't think I would get the requisite attention I deserve. So in the long term, I plan to switch and move off to somebody who is abundantly well to do to afford my class and stature.

Till then, signing off here !

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