Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Purple Passion

From the vermilion dawn to aureolin noon , from the tiffany blue evening to mulberry purple dusk . . . life seemed to have brought a new ray of hope , a sudden urge to get dissolved in all these lively colors that the nature embodies in itself. Over with the fondness of the Blacks and the Whites; Purple - you fill me with life !!!

A rather late evolution, but the radiance of its shades is unmatchable. Yes ! Indeed I am referring to the color purple, precise in the variation but engraving in the mind. Not so popular as the likes of reds and greens and blues but its beauty of the nascent feminish feel in an escorted mascular passion defines purple to its very existence.

Tyrian depicting the royalty , Munsell exploding with life, Palatinate racing back in time . . . . . Thistle blushing like the pretty Scotland quine . . . the vibes of the color encompasses the myriad precise moments of life . The beauty of the mauve wildflower to the sophistication of the orchid ; purple has it all. Not far are the days when it leaves behind the bias to blacks-blues-whites-reds-greens !

I wish I was Purple, as I firmly believe nothing can be so exorbitant as this to go beyond imagination of vastness of life and heterogeneity of nature . Thank you purple for existing in my life !