Thursday, 4 June 2015

2 minute death of the 100 year old Maggi !

The truth is not known; the barking media has not left a single stone painted green to elucidate the doubts in minds of the guardians of those thousands and lakhs of overgrown children staying in hostels and studios surviving on Maggi for days converted to years now; the nutritionist fraternity in the new age spornosexual cities have revised their business expansion strategy in tapping the potential new breed of clientele and the worst hit of all are the lane of tapris with an annual turnover of over a crore serving the entire south campus in Delhi with their menu plating comprising only of rampant Maggi delicacies !!! 
The facebooks and the twitters of course are seeing their timelines trending with the Nestle employees going gaga over the irresponsible hue and cry made in the media over the much debated and supposedly claimed false reports; the 27-28 year old social media active generation flooding their thoughts on the clean record of the brand for generations now are displaying all the loyalty to Maggi very much in line with the all-time favourite tagline "Main aur meri Maggi" and the society conscious brand name celebrities recording their withdrawal from any kind of association with Maggi all over the social digitized media space to avoid any negative image building in the public; indeed 2 minutes of debacle and the downfall of the product that has truly been an integral part of the growing years in 90% of the Indian households.

What could be the comeback strategy for Nestle ???

Maggi, that comprised of almost 20% of the Nestle turnover in India with around 8-9% contribution to the top line is undoubtedly the market leader with approximately 60% share in the ready to cook market in India. The impact has really been huge.

·         Negative brand image now trans locating to other products of Nestle ( reports of larvae being found in Nestle milk ), Nestle immediately has to strategize on the PR front to stop immediate negative publicity

·         The entire Ready to cook market has shrunk due to rising consumer doubts, competitors like Top Ramen, Yippie, Wi-Wi etc are fighting to grasp the market share of Maggi and thus retain their current revenue lines even in the momentarily declining market, also to establish their brand leadership once the market has regained.

This of course has hit Maggi majorly but there is a slight ray of hope as in the process of gaining the top spot, these competitors are bound to play dirty games of negative brand building of each other and thus losing confidence of the consumers by the created lose-lose situation which will lead to Maggi regaining its trust in the consumers by coming out clean with all the health regulations.

It is critical that Maggi deviates the focus of its competitors while it is fighting its own battle of proving the standards on the hygiene grounds and comes back strong to establish its supremacy again in the ready to cook market

·         Maggi as a brand has always been known for its “easy and quick” perception, now Nestle has to portray its efforts in the direction of “We care” and “Your health is our priority” to regain the consumer confidence. This could be achieved by partnering with audit teams and publishing their reports through their mouths both offline and on media, not only for Maggi but for the entire product line of Nestle

·         TV campaign on taking ownership of the quality and showing concern for the consumers as a part of  “You & I, the perfect Maggi family” is the need of the moment

·         Brand “Maggi” celebrity endorsement on “safety of consumers and hygiene of product” should be done on an immediate basis, it is needed not only for the entire market stability but also for Nestle as a company

PS - Maggi has always been my personal favourite, a constant support of the times I was staying out of home. I do wish it a comeback soon, provided my health and integrity in quality is not at stake.