Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Shhhhh..... Secrets !

" Man is not the devil because he keeps secrets, the sin lies in the secret itself "

The power of secrets is such that as much as I want to hate them I don't 'coz I am scared of the undefeated aura of secrets.

 Mankind always loses to them !

You say you are ready to hear my secrets, you ask me everyday; the secrets of my mouth I can do part but the secrets of my heart can not be dragged from their deep pit where I chose to no longer shine my heart. 

I hate secrets !

They manipulate my emotions and numb my brain, hallucinate me with the vision they want to show and eat my soul of assumed truths and feigned lies. I feel shivering, I feel shaky. Secrets are indeed scary ! My secrets are neither dirty nor scandalous, they are mere glimpses of my shadow following me everywhere.

I don't get afraid, but I do have a fear !
Secrets are the immortal troop of scary witches, they follow you to eternity !