Friday, 6 May 2016

Bas Yuhin

बस युहीं 

कुछ ऐसे बात  की उसने , कि खुद को ही भुला बैठा 
उस आवाज़ कि गहराई मे , शब्दों को सच मान बैठा 
शाम की ओस की बूँदों कि तरह , हवाएं उड़ा ले गई उस खुशबू को 
टूटा हुआ बिखरा सा था मै , उस सहारे को साथ समझ बैठा  । 
ऊँचे घरों को तांकते हुए , हाथों  लकीरों को नापते हुए 
धुंदली सी दिखती है , सपनों की वो मंज़िले 
हार की चादर ओढ़े , मर्ज़ी को किस्मत समझ बैठा । 

कोई पूछे क्या है अंत , तो बढ़ने का प्रमाण दिए सशक्त हो बैठा 
पीछे मुड़ के देखा तो , अपनों को ही दूर कर बैठा 
हवा ने रुख यूँ बदला , कि आँखों से सपनें ही ले उड़ा 
खाली पथ के नुकीले कंकड़ , उन्हें मंज़र कि सीढ़ी समझ बैठा 
हर मोड़ पर मुड़ जाती हैं , वादा कर धोखा दे जाती हैं 
ख्वाइशों के झूलों को , ज़िन्दगी की हक़ीक़त समझ बैठा  । 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Towards Zero

My heart is full of silent screams
Of anger and of pain
My eyes are always filled with tears
Day, after day, after day
My hand reaches out for help
But all that’s there is empty air
So I fall down into darkness
Where no one can hear me wail
I feel like a wild beast 
Locked inside a tight cage
I claw and tear at the walls
And show the entire world my rage
I shall never know the bliss
Of silence in my life
All I feel are the wounds

Made by a sharp knife

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Shhhhh..... Secrets !

" Man is not the devil because he keeps secrets, the sin lies in the secret itself "

The power of secrets is such that as much as I want to hate them I don't 'coz I am scared of the undefeated aura of secrets.

 Mankind always loses to them !

You say you are ready to hear my secrets, you ask me everyday; the secrets of my mouth I can do part but the secrets of my heart can not be dragged from their deep pit where I chose to no longer shine my heart. 

I hate secrets !

They manipulate my emotions and numb my brain, hallucinate me with the vision they want to show and eat my soul of assumed truths and feigned lies. I feel shivering, I feel shaky. Secrets are indeed scary ! My secrets are neither dirty nor scandalous, they are mere glimpses of my shadow following me everywhere.

I don't get afraid, but I do have a fear !
Secrets are the immortal troop of scary witches, they follow you to eternity ! 

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Quarter life crisis : A trip to enlightenment

Imbibed with the sudden need to change, aspiring new commitments and the constant feeling of being trapped in your own dilemma of making choices, that pretty well summarizes the quarter life crisis I am going through. 
At 26 with an average paying job not of my choice at all, a complicated relationship and loads of responsibilities, I never  really expected if something as in-comprehensive as "Quarter Life Crisis" does exist and then one fine day I see a plethora of emotions flowing through me, trying to comprehend the reason behind every single wrong thing that has ever happened to me and I find myself totally clueless.

A solo midnight trip to Lonavala with head full of tensions and eyes full of tears as I drive down the Expressway, the lightening in the sky indeed feels scary for me to believe that if I died today probably I would land up in hell, if it ever existed. A flashback runs through my mind and surprisingly I only see how awesome I have always been and the smile on my face keeps broadening with every single moment of the flashback running through. 

The quote " You are the sole reason for your existence " never seemed so true !

Oooops ! I forgot the catalyst of the story who played a vital role for making me experience what quarter life crisis is. A guy who supposedly is a friend, a good friend perhaps but is on tangentially opposite dimensions with me when it comes to thoughts and principles of life. I sometimes wonder even after being with so many guy friends for so many years now, how can somebody still boggle me with his thoughts. 

So in brief, the context is that this guy even after being in a committed relationship was looking for somebody who could share the "Friends with Benefits" equation with him and knowing that he is a good friend, I asked him if he ever had a choice between choosing me as a friend or end our friendship by being friends with benefits, I was shocked, totally shocked when he actually said that

 " A sex deprived man will always choose friends with benefits, that will make me super happy"

Now this was that ting moment when I realized how different people can be. I really want to thank him that he came to my life because had I not known him, I would have been never able to know this side of the world, this side of life. No, atleast I am cent percent sure I will never fall for a wrong guy, all thanks to this man who showed me how people can think. 

I am still friends with him and I hope I will always be friends with him because it is really important to have such kind of people in your lives who will keep reminding you time and again that the world has nothing to do with your emotions, if somebody is with you, probably there is some or the other benefit in disguise that he is gaining from you.

Learning for the day " Listen to your mind not your heart when you are making your decisions 'coz the mind sees the truth but the heart is blinded by love "


Thursday, 4 June 2015

2 minute death of the 100 year old Maggi !

The truth is not known; the barking media has not left a single stone painted green to elucidate the doubts in minds of the guardians of those thousands and lakhs of overgrown children staying in hostels and studios surviving on Maggi for days converted to years now; the nutritionist fraternity in the new age spornosexual cities have revised their business expansion strategy in tapping the potential new breed of clientele and the worst hit of all are the lane of tapris with an annual turnover of over a crore serving the entire south campus in Delhi with their menu plating comprising only of rampant Maggi delicacies !!! 
The facebooks and the twitters of course are seeing their timelines trending with the Nestle employees going gaga over the irresponsible hue and cry made in the media over the much debated and supposedly claimed false reports; the 27-28 year old social media active generation flooding their thoughts on the clean record of the brand for generations now are displaying all the loyalty to Maggi very much in line with the all-time favourite tagline "Main aur meri Maggi" and the society conscious brand name celebrities recording their withdrawal from any kind of association with Maggi all over the social digitized media space to avoid any negative image building in the public; indeed 2 minutes of debacle and the downfall of the product that has truly been an integral part of the growing years in 90% of the Indian households.

What could be the comeback strategy for Nestle ???

Maggi, that comprised of almost 20% of the Nestle turnover in India with around 8-9% contribution to the top line is undoubtedly the market leader with approximately 60% share in the ready to cook market in India. The impact has really been huge.

·         Negative brand image now trans locating to other products of Nestle ( reports of larvae being found in Nestle milk ), Nestle immediately has to strategize on the PR front to stop immediate negative publicity

·         The entire Ready to cook market has shrunk due to rising consumer doubts, competitors like Top Ramen, Yippie, Wi-Wi etc are fighting to grasp the market share of Maggi and thus retain their current revenue lines even in the momentarily declining market, also to establish their brand leadership once the market has regained.

This of course has hit Maggi majorly but there is a slight ray of hope as in the process of gaining the top spot, these competitors are bound to play dirty games of negative brand building of each other and thus losing confidence of the consumers by the created lose-lose situation which will lead to Maggi regaining its trust in the consumers by coming out clean with all the health regulations.

It is critical that Maggi deviates the focus of its competitors while it is fighting its own battle of proving the standards on the hygiene grounds and comes back strong to establish its supremacy again in the ready to cook market

·         Maggi as a brand has always been known for its “easy and quick” perception, now Nestle has to portray its efforts in the direction of “We care” and “Your health is our priority” to regain the consumer confidence. This could be achieved by partnering with audit teams and publishing their reports through their mouths both offline and on media, not only for Maggi but for the entire product line of Nestle

·         TV campaign on taking ownership of the quality and showing concern for the consumers as a part of  “You & I, the perfect Maggi family” is the need of the moment

·         Brand “Maggi” celebrity endorsement on “safety of consumers and hygiene of product” should be done on an immediate basis, it is needed not only for the entire market stability but also for Nestle as a company

PS - Maggi has always been my personal favourite, a constant support of the times I was staying out of home. I do wish it a comeback soon, provided my health and integrity in quality is not at stake.

Monday, 16 March 2015


Spreading our lives
Around like a deck
Of 52 card draws

Ideas wild
Like a forest fire
Dangerous as the
Tips of razor blades yet
Fragile as a virgins first kiss

Minds as fair
As the judicial system
We are a new generation
A generation of longevity creation elation

Controlled by no hand
Ordered out by no one
Fighting for every penny
Every nickel and dime
Fighting for a last call
That will never come

If the bomb were to drop
We would be there to catch it

Our ideas like wild fires

Engulfing every youth with
Their smile of innocence
(though not everyone smiles truthfully)

Members break off like
The leaves that fall from our trees
Moving on
Following their own song

All the angel headed hipsters
Dancing in the wakes of ocean dreams
Move through the streams of memory
Their souls busting out the seams

We drift through time
Picking at the problems of this
Special unique day

What a way to spend
All the time we were given
For free

Work for nothing
But we don't mind at all
When the party is up
We return the call

Holding each other
Till dawn decides to break
A take we search for
A present we were born to
Strive for

Now wake with a wink
And a smile
To a sun that will
Always have your number

Shout out
That life is here
For me but
Not only me!

Let the pool table balls fall
And try not to stall
When the lady in the corner
Asks for your hand in the hall

Love is worth chasing
And fighting for

Oh' Youth...

How little we know

How hard we search

How little we realize

How short all this is.

Only if a Cat could write !

Ever wondered, what it would be like to read autobiography of a cat ?

Hi, I am Gabru ! Yes, that sounds such a rowdy name but my lady master is surely the one who could so much relate to this name. From bossing around the house to dumping her boyfriends for not being able to differentiate between magenta and purple, she totally in all aspects justifies this act of naming me something sounding as rowdy as "Gabru" !

My life has seen a lot of ups and downs at this tender age of 4. Brimming with pride when flaunting my furry while tail, I make sure I don't let the bad phases of my life reflect on the seamless beauty I have inherited from Momma. She was a tortoiseshell, a blend of tabby, ginger, black, white, each different to its texture. The supposed theory among those dumb humans is that all tortoiseshell are females but having conversed with few of those cats myself, I do realize the Cat eunichs also exist in tortoiseshells but humans think they are too smart to decipher the genders with our "purrrs" !

Reminiscing the early days of my life, it indeed was joyful ! We were 5 of us, Momma and my 4 elder siblings. Daddy dear seemed to have been absconding since forever, so not much of a clue on what breed he belonged to. Well, it never either mattered, with those sparkling eyes and shining fur, I had all the prowress to seduce anybody, so the breed of Daddy was a redundant information.

I was born with a silver spoon, in the backyard of a huge bungalow which seemed to have forbidden a whole big garage for reasons unknown. Sleeping in the backseat of the Limousine abandoned in the garage, I would always dream of growing to a slim sexy cat who would be pampered and carried all the day long, travelling to places on hot wheels and being flaunted to the world. As I grew and got a little hold of my senses, I just ran away from the garage to get myself noticed to the girl living across the street. She seemed to be having the perfect class and sophistication that would match my standards and upbringing. She was my mission, I had to woo her to adopt me at any cost for the better good and I finally managed to do so and today here I am !

Phew ! She is not that eventful as I though she would be. Her taste of music doesn't suit mine at all and her taste in guys is even worse but thankfully she owns the attitude to change them with time. That gives me a lot of satisfaction since I really need variety of those hands playing with my soft skin. Though I miss my limousine, its like a trade off. I have to bear with her weird antics at times but usually they do not interfere in my space with random leftover feeding and itching all over.

Ofcourse spending another couple of years is fine here but then the girl plans to get married and with her to-be husband around, I don't think I would get the requisite attention I deserve. So in the long term, I plan to switch and move off to somebody who is abundantly well to do to afford my class and stature.

Till then, signing off here !