Sunday, 23 August 2015

Quarter life crisis : A trip to enlightenment

Imbibed with the sudden need to change, aspiring new commitments and the constant feeling of being trapped in your own dilemma of making choices, that pretty well summarizes the quarter life crisis I am going through. 
At 26 with an average paying job not of my choice at all, a complicated relationship and loads of responsibilities, I never  really expected if something as in-comprehensive as "Quarter Life Crisis" does exist and then one fine day I see a plethora of emotions flowing through me, trying to comprehend the reason behind every single wrong thing that has ever happened to me and I find myself totally clueless.

A solo midnight trip to Lonavala with head full of tensions and eyes full of tears as I drive down the Expressway, the lightening in the sky indeed feels scary for me to believe that if I died today probably I would land up in hell, if it ever existed. A flashback runs through my mind and surprisingly I only see how awesome I have always been and the smile on my face keeps broadening with every single moment of the flashback running through. 

The quote " You are the sole reason for your existence " never seemed so true !

Oooops ! I forgot the catalyst of the story who played a vital role for making me experience what quarter life crisis is. A guy who supposedly is a friend, a good friend perhaps but is on tangentially opposite dimensions with me when it comes to thoughts and principles of life. I sometimes wonder even after being with so many guy friends for so many years now, how can somebody still boggle me with his thoughts. 

So in brief, the context is that this guy even after being in a committed relationship was looking for somebody who could share the "Friends with Benefits" equation with him and knowing that he is a good friend, I asked him if he ever had a choice between choosing me as a friend or end our friendship by being friends with benefits, I was shocked, totally shocked when he actually said that

 " A sex deprived man will always choose friends with benefits, that will make me super happy"

Now this was that ting moment when I realized how different people can be. I really want to thank him that he came to my life because had I not known him, I would have been never able to know this side of the world, this side of life. No, atleast I am cent percent sure I will never fall for a wrong guy, all thanks to this man who showed me how people can think. 

I am still friends with him and I hope I will always be friends with him because it is really important to have such kind of people in your lives who will keep reminding you time and again that the world has nothing to do with your emotions, if somebody is with you, probably there is some or the other benefit in disguise that he is gaining from you.

Learning for the day " Listen to your mind not your heart when you are making your decisions 'coz the mind sees the truth but the heart is blinded by love "


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  1. Well articulated.

    But one thing which immediately strikes my mind is why in this era of globalization, esp. cultural domination or to be succinct the western hegemonic influence in every sphere (more on the Indians- thanks to the colonial past and high tendency, and hence inferiority to some extent, to align and match themselves with western in general and American in particular) of our life, this possibility of so called Friends with Benefits with reference to a sex deprived man is not conceived by the author ever before.

    Well in my humble opinion, this is not something which is abstruse or arcane but a mundane buzzword of today's youth. Its good that author has now learned but my argument is such cases could be conceived and are apriori. Its not as ALWAYS (generalizations are dangerous...that sort of inductive reasoning makes poor arguments) the man chooses like that...perhaps some people are there who would still have some regard for sexual ethics and morality and trust in relationship who would rather leave their immediate hedonistic or utilitarian considerations than pursuing such immoral acts. The author is absolutely correct and well there are always men (well why leave the women !) like this. Alas ... the constant degradation and erosion of virtues and values and their replacement by glossy portrayal of certain vices in our society such things are bound to happen but unfortunately on a large scale in the upcoming times.

    Sorry if I am too rude or sounds like KANTIAN (in being articulating critically where I have not asked for any permission) but I have come across your blog and found it interesting from various perspectives. Going through it please forgive me if something hurts..that wasn't the intention.
    Concluding part is nice and thanks to Amygdala, our understanding has progressed and we don't need to cuss heart everytime !
    Keep writing.